Switzerland_small.GIF Switzerland: Kinder-Cash, The ABC of money for kids age 4-14

Date of creation: n.c.

Sector, Sponsor,  Responsible body(ies):
Private, Non-profit organisations, State, Communities


Children 4-14 years old – at home or at school

Programme description:
Kinder-Cash, The ABC of money for kids provides materials for use at home and in schools for children age 4-14.
The transparent, four-chambered piggy bank is a hands-on tool which helps teach the most important money-lessons in an age appropriate way to over 1 million kids worldwide already.

Print materials for teachers, parents and educators for Europe have been created together with the Swiss Teacher’s Assoc., German teachers, French teachers, the Swiss Debt Advisory Assoc., German Debt Advisory, the Swiss Budget Advisory Assoc., the Parent Education Assoc. of Switzerland, NPO (child and youth organization) and others.

Switzerland: nationwide fully sponsored program for primary schools
Germany: in three “Länder” in schools
Europe: In thousands of private households
Worldwide: on six continents in over one million homes and in many schools.

Tools & Programmes:
Programme delivers in schools and private homes in Switzerland, Germany and only in private homes in France, Italy, Netherlands, England, Denmark, U.K., Spain and other countries.

  • @ home:
    4-chambered piggy bank (3 and 10 language versions)
    4-14 y: Parent book
    7-9 y: Coloring and activity book
    8+ Kids magazine
  • @ school:
    4-chambered piggy bank (3 and 10 language versions)
    7-9 y: Coloring and activity book
    9-13 y: Curriculum with teacher book and student book

Global Learn Money Week : MyBnk, with the organization Child and Youth Finance International participate in the Global Learn Money Week set up by the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum (www.younggloballeaders.org). 
Learn Money Week is aimed at  primary and secondary school children. Materials for secondary school children are developed by MyBnk,  those for primary school children are created by Kinder-Cash.
The 2013 edition will take place from 15th to 22nd of March.
More on: http://childfinanceinternational.org/global-money-week and http://mybnk.org/free-resources/learnmoneyweek.

Evaluation of the Programme:

Resources/Available Material:
For info on resources, press and TV coverage, pictures please  visit www.kinder-cash.com (German, French, Italian, English)

Summary of available materials:

  • Piggy bank available in a 10 language version covering: German, French, Italian, English, Dutch, Swedish, Danisch, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian
  • Switzerland (German, French, Italian): Print materials for parents, kids, schools (9-13y.)
  • Germany, Austria: Print materials for parents, kids, schools (7-9Y. and 9-13y.)
  • France, Belgique: Print materials for parents and schools (7-9 y.). Print materials for parents and schools (9-13 years.) to follow in 2012.
  • USA: Materials for home and school ages 4 – 16

Daniel Wehrli, CEO
Zentris AG,
Feldmoosstr. 49
CH-8853 Lachen
+41 (0)55 451 5336
Email: dw@kinder-cash.com